Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Bump

We are officially 21 weeks pregnant, and my bump is officially growing!  Here are a couple of pictures taken this morning of our little guy growing inside of me.  

I do have to say that I think it's funny that my belly looks bigger in the second photo.  The only change is that I adjusted my shirt so it wasn't pulling down on me.  Silly silly.

Lately I have been feeling more and more of the 'case of the tireds'.  Afternoon naps are welcomed and being out-and-about exhausts me.  I also am realizing that I am no longer comfortable just sitting on the floor or laying on the beach (*sniff, sniff*) .. I have to be supported by a chair or my back is extremely uncomfortable.  However, on the upside, I still am feeling really great!  I'm getting more housework done than usual (maybe because I've made the kids play outside so I can get it done?!) and am enjoying whatever form of chocolate comes my way! :)

Thus far, 21 weeks is proving to be great!

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