Friday, July 2, 2010

Why Don't You Like Our Baby?!

Today, my husband and I got a rare treat in the fact that we were able to run the many errands we had on our schedule together.  Claire stayed home and watched the boys, so Monte and I headed out mid-morning and ventured out to Costco, then to our apartment complex to fill the soda machine and collect rents, then to my appointment with my OBGYN, then to the bank and finally back home.

On the drive home, Monte and I were discussing possible names for our baby and the ones he was coming up with were just driving me crazy!  I'm uncertain if it was just my husband trying to push my buttons (which he does quite frequently!) or if we really are that far off on our opinions, but part of me thinks that my husband is under the impression that we're birthing an 80-year-old baby, because he kept suggesting names such as Roy, Jeff, Renaldo, Melvin or Albert.  After taking it all in for awhile, my response to his suggestions could no longer be held in as I looked him in the face and loudly asked, "WHY don't you like our baby?!"

I think he won ... in the button pushing war, anyway.

And, just in case you didn't pick up the subtle hint in here, my hubby was suggesting names for our baby BOY that we will be welcoming home in November!  We couldn't be more thrilled to add yet another boy to our clan, and I think Claire is secretly happy that she's still going to be the only girl.  Colin wasn't happy with me at all, though, as he told me that he wants a boy AND a girl.  I explained to him that I have just one baby in my tummy and I'm going to be bringing home a baby brother when he's ready to be born.  Colin's response: "That's okay, you can have a sister for me at the next baby!"


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