Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking Time Away

Have you ever felt like your blog or even just your computer sometimes takes time away from your regular life?  Or to put it even more bluntly, have you felt like it takes time away from your family?  I'm starting to feel that way as of late, and when my husband expressed that he felt that his own time on the computer was taking away from time with our kids, we decided that we were going to do something about it!  I have already began my first step of spending drastically less time on the computer (which, unfortunately, also means that I'm frequenting your blogs a little less often) and the next step comes tonight.  You see, tonight starts our (Monte's and my) one-week computer fast.  For a solid week, we are not going to use the computer for anything (with the exception of accessing some recipes that we will be making for dinner that are saved online).  There will be no playing around on facebook, no writing blogs, no checking emails or anything of the like.  Instead, my time will be spent playing more with the kids, spending more time in the Word and in quiet time with God, staying on top of cleaning the house and spending less time with my phone attached to my hip!

So, blogging buddies, if you don't hear much in response from me in the next week, you now know why.  However, let it be known that I do have a couple of blog posts that I have scheduled to post later on this week, so you will still hear from me, but in a pre-planned manner!  My prayer is that this week will be productive and will lead to a more pro-active way of running our household with far less reliance on our computer!

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