Friday, April 4, 2008

Here I Go ...

Here it is, blog number one. I have absolutely nothing to blog about, but evidently my blogger wants me to create and type out a blog, and thus I am. Life has been great! I have very little to complain about, and even when I am complaining it's only to a select few people (all of whom I have complete confidence and trust in) and they've got great advice to help me through. I'm rambling about nothingness just to fill up space. I'm watching the babies tonight (my niece and nephew, Lexie and Zack) and I'm thrilled to get to spend time with them! Maybe we'll build a fort in the basement. This could be a blast. I may need to buy clothespins on my way home from work.

An idea is brewing! Over and out!


  1. hooray it's so much fun to blog! :) even if it's about nothing all that exciting, which is what most of ours are like anyway! :)

  2. what?! my blogs are always full of witty information and even more excitement. (i joke) :)

    and the next level, my dear--put a google ad into your blog and make money when your poor friends take a peek into your life. ;)

  3. Blah....Blah.....Blah....Now why would I want to come here to find stuff out about you when I already know everything about you? Right?............RIGHT. I rock....and you not so much. Right............Right


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