Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My 100 Things

Here I go - copying Katie's blog, sheerly because it was so enjoyable to read her 100 things! If you have a blog of your own, I hereby tag you to share your 100 with me! :) So, without further adieu, I bring you my 100 .........

1. I am incredibly random and off-the-wall.
2. 90% of the time I am an extreme extrovert.
3. My relationship with God is the number one priority in my life.
4. My family means the entire world to me and I don't know how I would function or survive without them.
5. I tend to hate and love the exact same thing a lot (i.e. I hate to work out, but I love to work out).
6. My heart's true desire is to be a wife and a mom. This will happen someday, of that I am certain.
7. Ice cream has the ability to make everything bad in my life go away for awhile!
8. I take my 4-year-old niece, Lexie, on a "girls day" date at least twice every month and always anticipate the arrival of our next date.
9. My 10 nieces and nephews are the joy of my life. I have never been so much in love with anyone or anything as I am with each and every one of them.
10. I absolutely hate having a messy house or room.
11. My bedroom is rarely ever clean.
12. I'm incredibly organized with my schedule and can't stand it when people have to cancel or change plans around.
13. I'm trying to learn to be more flexible!
14. I have a passion for working with youth.
15. I'm fairly high maintenance and won't leave the house unless I know I look presentable.
16. I love to grocery shop.
17. I hate all other kinds of shopping.
18. I'm extremely claustrophobic because my brother, Tory, put me in the dryer when we were kids and turned it on.
19. I love to cook.
20. I would rather crawl back in bed and call in sick to work than have to go there looking less than presentable.
21. I oversleep a LOT.
22. I skipped more class my senior year of high school than I attended.
23. I really enjoy a good cup of coffee.
24. I hate scary movies, but if I start to watch one I have to watch it to the end.
25. I love being in my car and truthfully do enjoy parking in a lot, opening the sunroof, reclining my seat and reading a book.
26. Deep down, I am a huge nerd.
27. I would rather play football with the guys than go shopping with the girls.
28. I'm allergic to all forms of fish and seafood.
29. I love to run.
30. I love chicken fries, but hate them because I always eat too many!
31. My 12-year-old niece knows more about today's music than I do.
32. My family tree branches out in so many different directions that I would have to draw it out for you to truthfully understand it ... and that's what I love the most about my family life!
33. My brother, Tory, and I used to play "boy band" on road trips.
34. I can stick my tongue up my nose.
35. I love cheesecake.
36. I manage a physical therapy clinic and fitness center - and I love it!
37. I meet a lot of professional athletes at work and rarely recognize any of them.
38. If I'm upset, it generally takes me about 30 minutes tops to get over it.
39. I'm incredibly blunt and honest.
40. I wear my heart and all of my emotions on my sleeve for the world to see.
41. I am completely incapable of hiding how I feel, and it's always obvious when I'm trying to do so!
42. I love the Minnesota Vikings.
43. My grandma taught me to drive when I was 10.
44. She denies that fact to this day!
45. More often than not, I feel like a 40-year-old living in a 24-year-old's body.
46. I would rather spend time talking with people my parent's age than people my own age.
47. I hate beer.
48. I think it's essential that someone invents a drive-thru fast food restaurant with truthfully healthy food.
49. In the last two years I have discovered that I have a weak stomach when it comes to medical things and pass out easily.
50. Somehow, the only time I override my weak stomach is when the medical emergency involves someone I love - then I take charge and am in complete control.
51. I tend to think logically far more than I think emotionally.
52. My dad gave me the nickname of "Goose" when I was really young.
53. He even had a theme song to go along with the nickname and he sang it to me every day when he drove me to school.
54. I love old films, especially those starring Audrey Hepburn.
55. I'm a sucker for acoustic music.
56. I have a hard time accepting unexpected gifts.
57. I am most comfortable in jeans, a cute shirt and flip flops.
58. I truthfully hate lounging in my pajamas all day.
59. I love to write and am currently working on my first book.
60. I mentor a teenage girl named Ashley whom I love with all of my heart!
61. God has recently blessed me with some amazing friends.
62. I love road trips.
63. It's not uncommon for me to make up my own words and use them frequently ... words like "relationshippy".
64. Most of the closest friends in my life live nowhere near me. I guess that's what happens when you grow up.
65. I love steak.
66. I enjoy vegging in front of the TV when old shows are on (i.e. Walker Texas Ranger, The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, etc).
67. My 12-year-old niece, Breanna, is almost taller than me. This I find irritating! :)
68. My purse is always equipped with a toy car and a plastic chicken.
69. My brother's opinions mean more to me than they will ever realize and it truly breaks my heart when they are upset with me.
70. I love going to the beach with a good friend and fresh fruit to snack on.
71. I enjoy playing cribbage.
72. I have learned to play poker several times ... and forgotten how to play poker several times!
73. The people in my neighborhood are some of my very favorite people to spend time with.
74. I truthfully never want to move out of my brother's house, but I SO want to move out of my brother's house!
75. Jesus is my best friend.
76. I enjoy playing sand volleyball.
77. I'm not artistic, though I really wish I was!
78. I love hosting parties and can't wait to have my own home to do so.
79. I really enjoy reading my Bible.
80. I very much dislike getting out of bed in the morning.
81. I hate blind dates and the pressure that comes with them, though I love meeting new people.
82. I almost always have a song in my head that I'm singing throughout the day.
83. It's not uncommon for me to dance around the clinic at work.
84. I truly do believe that I can do absolutely anything.
85. I hate that my sister's dogs never stop barking.
86. I love video games.
87. I have been pulled over by the police more times than I can recall, but have only received one ticket in my life (on my 17th birthday!).
88. I'm insanely high maintenance, but well aware of it, so I plan accordingly.
89. I love to laugh until my stomach hurts.
90. When my sister, Tanya, and I are together, we're insanely goofy and giggly and I just love it!
91. I want to make a huge difference in the world.
92. I love acting and miss being on stage SO much!
93. My favorite place to be is in my mom's backyard on a hot sunny day, laying in the hammock with a lemonade, a good book and a cool breeze blowing off the lake.
94. I'm 24-years-old and my brothers and I still wrestle.
95. My brothers are 27 and 32. We'll never grow up!
96. Benihana is my favorite restaurant EVER.
97. I have a huge list of goals that I want to accomplish by the end of 2008 and I plan on doing each and every one of them.
98. My two best girl friends are both expecting their first baby.
99. I love making snow angels.
100. I make the best chocolate chip oatmeal cookies EVER.

:) Tag, you're it!


  1. I also make up words! =) Good for you!! haha

    I would like to try some of your best cookis and I want to hear this list you plan to accomplish by the end of 2008 =)

  2. ok what? your brother put you in the dryer?

    and yes, you are right those cookies are the best!


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