Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Wonderful Weekend!

I don't think that I could have asked for a better weekend than this one. I was completely on my own schedule, spent time with some of the most important people in my life and have had huge amounts of fun! Friday night was spent with the two cutest little kids in the world, which (for the uninformed) is my niece and nephew, Lexie (4) and Zack (2). My brother and his wife went out to celebrate her birthday, which meant the babies and I had the night to ourselves. Unfortunately, due to my huge amounts of missed sleep this past week, I was beat by the beginning of our night! We started the evening with chasing each other around the house, followed by a movie and lots of delicious popcorn (or "piecorn" as Zachary likes to call it!), and ended the evening with reading books, singing the "jammies" song, and tucking babies into bed. I even got a bonus, as Lexie wanted to cuddle - so we snuggled up together for awhile and talked about my friend that I had been on the phone with (she likes to know who the people are that I hang out with) and about our upcoming girls night (she and I are getting ice cream and going to the park this week, weather permitting). It wasn't long until she was asleep. Aaah yes, beautiful dreamin' babies!

Saturday was quite possibly the best part of the weekend. I woke up to a phone call from my step-Bob (my step dad), as he was in Monticello and was ready to get breakfast. This was definitely a change of plans, as we were supposed to have lunch together, but he said he was hungry and was ready to eat. At his request, I wasn't even allowed to shower -- he was THAT hungry! So I got my high maintenance, unshowered butt out of bed, dressed and made myself somewhat presentable, then got Lexie and went to pick up Bob. We had a great breakfast at Perkins and then I went with him back to the middle school where the special olympics basketball teams were competing (he drives bus for them). It was absolutely amazing to watch! After the game was over (I only watched one game), I scooted back to the house and finally got to shower and get ready for the day. Aaah satisfaction! Then I was on the road again, off to Maple Grove where I met a wonderful friend and spent the rest of the evening hanging out, laughing and having one of the best nights I've had in a long time! We went to the Sports Show at the Mpls Convention Center, followed by a VERY long walk in downtown Minneapolis, which was complete with great conversation and lots of laughs! Following our walk was dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe, then a bit more walking and the decision was made to go see a movie. We drove back to Maple Grove (as I was aware that they have a theater that only charges $3 for adults, and if you know me at all, you know I'm always up for saving money!) and killed some time at Caribou Coffee (as the movie wasn't going to start for another hour), then off to the movie. We watched "Juno". I'd rate it a B. It was an alright movie, not quite what I expected. Nonetheless, the company was great, which made the movie even better! After the movie, we decided it was time to be responsible adults and head home (as we had church to wake up for in the morning!). So I was dropped off at my car and we parted ways ... I think I lasted maybe 10 minutes before phoning him for company on my drive home. Does that make me a dork? If so, I'm more than content being that dork! :) I arrived home to find people sleeping on the floors of both living rooms (my sister-in-law's family stayed with us this weekend) so I snuck down to my room and tried so hard to sleep, but SOMEONE who was sleeping in the basement happens to snore louder than I've heard in a LONG time, so sleeping was a lost cause. Instead, I turned on a movie (I watched "Along Came Polly" for the second time in two days!) and hoped it would make me sleepy. It did .... eventually.

Today (Sunday) I woke up bright and early, battled for time in the bathroom, and then woke my brother up. Unfortunately for him, I was in an insanely goofy mood this morning, so when I went and jumped on his bed yelling, "JEREMY, It's time to get UPPPP! GOOD MORNING JEREMY!" and things of the sort, it was not well received. Thankfully, however, I left with no bruises, he was smiling, and I promised to start a cup of coffee for him! After getting ready, I jetted off to church, picking up my beloved Kristin on the way. Church was amazing - Pastor Peter preached on the beauty of God and how His beauty is in everything we see, we just need to learn to slow down and acknowledge that beauty. Like the verse says, "be still and know that I am God." After church, Kristin, Steve, Chris, Shawn and I all headed out to Cafe Latte to grab a small bite and chat. Lots of fun! Proceeding the light lunch, Kristin and I danced in the rain and jumped in every puddle we came across on our way back to the car (which was delightful, I must add!). I dropped her off and headed on my journey back home where, upon arrival, I discovered it's going to be a LAZY night in the Anderson home! It's not quite 6pm and I'm already in my pajamas and ready to curl up in bed with anticipation of finishing my book that I'm so eager to complete! Life was very good to me this weekend -- thanks to all who made it better!

Now I'm out, as my brother and his family just returned from a walk, and he's claiming to charge me for using his computer! :) Aaah the life of my favorite Jeremy ....

Life is good. Very, very good! :)


  1. i swear you are the only person i know who can write about their weekend and make it take 10 minutes for me to read! and i mean that in a totally good way!!!! :)

  2. Hi Kami, I just came across your blog from Katies blog! This is her cousin Melissa...incase you dont know who I am. I am excited to get to know you a bit thru your writing! =)


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