Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is my Life

I've been harassed that I'm not updating enough, so here's my update for you all (by the way, for those of you who are complaining, buy me a computer and I'll update more!! ... just playin' just playin'). This past weekend was an absolutely insane adventure, as I was in Perham (my hometown) for my friend, Lindsey's, wedding. Normally being involved in a wedding is something I enjoy to no end, but this one brought about a few surprises including about 10 inches of snow! God must have an absolutely amazing sense of humor to allow that much snow in the end of April - I can't wait to meet Him and get His reasoning for that one! :) So Saturday morning I woke up to find a three-foot snowdrift surrounding my car, and that was just the start of the day! Other events included a bridesmaid stranded in the ditch, roads that were nearly impossible to drive on, the photographer and entire wedding party arriving late for pictures, a ceremony starting almost a half hour late, a bridesmaid (the one in the ditch) flaking out after the ceremony and going home ... just a nutty day! The reception and dance were wonderful, though, and the entire weekend came together in one beautiful wedding ceremony, a great reception and an insanely fun dance! Congrats to Lindsey and Mike - I'm so happy for you!

Amidst all the crazy of my life, I've decided it's time to take a vacation, so I'm flying out to Reno tomorrow morning to visit my lifelong friend, Angela. I'm only going to be out there a few days (Thursday through Sunday), but I'm anticipating it to be the vacation I've been dreaming of for awhile! I haven't seen Angela in almost a year (I believe the last time I saw her was at her brother's wedding last fall), and I am SO excited to see her! I'm just hoping that, being I'm flying in on Sunday and already have plans for Sunday late afternoon/evening, I will be able to not only function but function to full ability at work on Monday. Pray for me! :)

Beyond that, my schedule is already crazy for the month of May! I'm taking a weekend trip to Perham for Easter with my dad's extended family and to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom, I'm taking a weekend trip to Jamestown, ND to spend time with my brother and his wife (and to babysit for them while they celebrate my sister-in-law's parent's 30th wedding anniversary) and am just crazy busy in between all of that traveling! YiKeS! Lord have mercy :)

That's me in a bit larger than a nutshell! So .... how are you?!


  1. Luckily, I was only harassing you in my head, not leaving you any nasty comments. haha :) It was about time for an update though! Say hi to Angela for me...if I wasn't going to be huge and pregnant this summer, I would have loved to plan a trip to see her since we don't even live that far apart now!

  2. just wanted to say hi! thanks for the update.


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