Friday, January 22, 2010

Busyness Abounds

What do you get when you mix two boys with shaggy hair and a step-mom with a shears (that desperately needs sharpening)?  Well you get haircut night, of course!  Two nights ago, Iain and Colin were victimized by my shears and they are shaggy no more!  Here is Iain saying a sorrowful goodbye to his shaggy hair (I have yet to figure out WHY he loves his hair so overgrown and out of control!).

Colin didn't mind the haircut quite so much.

When it was done, Iain was all smiles!

All in all, I would say it was a successful operation!

Beyond the new haircuts, a lot has been going on around here!  Monte and I just returned from a wonderful weekend away at a resort in Brainerd.  It was a great and relaxing time for us to be away together!  When we got home, we heard a great report from our babysitter and even saw some of the pictures of the chaos that reigned while we were gone, including this picture of Colin the warrior:

I guarantee you I wouldn't want to cross this guy's path!  He's dangerous, I tell you!

While we were up north, we were able to spend some time with Monte's brother and sister-in-law on Sunday before we came home.  It was great to see them and we had a wonderful time watching the football game and catching up with them!  We're excited to head up there again in a couple of weeks for another visit!

We have another trip in the making that we're greatly anticipating.  In researching where we wanted to go for a vacation, Monte and I also had to look into the option of childcare while we're gone.  Normally, if we travel during the summer months, his parents are available to come and watch the kiddos for us.  Unfortunately, they winter in Arizona, so if we're looking to get away during those months, it's rather difficult. We found someone who was willing to watch them at a ridiculously high price and, after much discussion, we realized that we could pay for airplane tickets for all four of our children for just a couple hundred dollars more than what our babysitter's offer was.  So, after some chatting with my in-laws and chatting with my husband, we decided that the best vacation we can take is to head to Arizona and see my in-laws at their winter home!  We're going to take all four of our kids with us and they are going to stay at their grandpa and grandma's house while Monte and I stay at a nearby hotel.  We would all be staying with Woody and Marion, but their winter home is not quite as capable to hold so many guests as their summer home, so their offer to have the kids stay with them made this retreat feel like much more of a vacation!  On top of that, my friend, Nick, manages a hotel in Arizona and was able to get us a wonderful rate at that hotel chain, so we're staying a mere 10 minutes away from my in-laws and get to still enjoy vacation as a whole family!  Sounds like a trip planned in Heaven to me! :)

On top of all of that, my Pampered Chef kit arrived yesterday, so I spent a lot of time washing and trying to find spots for all of my new stuff!  What a wonderful week it has been.

Now, though, I have to sit back and walk away from my blog, as my house appears to have been internally hit by a tornado called my children and it needs some major attention in the cleaning and laundry department.  So, off I go to take care of these tasks!

Come back tomorrow for an update on construction!  I would tell you now, but I want to include some pictures, and the sun hasn't come up yet, so I can't go take the pictures now!


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