Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Christmas in Very Few Words

We spent time at Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharol's (Monte's brother and sister-in-law's) house:

We had a really really good time!

We had fabulous times with wonderful family members:

.. and my absolutely gorgeous husband kept me smiling all weekend!

... and our kids kept busy with the lego land they were building:

The next day we travelled to Tanya's (my sister's) house and hung out with these great kiddos:

I spent a lot of time being a baby hog of this beautiful baby girl:

We had an unbelievable spread of food:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my sister and my mom:

And my siblings, my mom and I ended the evening by being the dorks we so naturally are:

We had a completely fabulous Christmas vacation - now it's time to get back to our normal, fabulous daily life!  Hoping your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!

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