Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hyper Overload!!

Have you ever felt like you have too much on your plate, but yet it's all stuff that you put there, so you just have to work through it and make it all happen?  I'm there!  You see, this weekend my dear Claire is competing in the regional spelling bee (which is confusing to me why it's not called the state spelling bee, entirely because if you win you move on to compete in nationals.  I digress ...).  Unfortunately, I won't be attending, as I will be out of town.  My reasoning for being out of town, however, is not unfortunate.  You see, my mom, my sisters-in-law and myself are throwing an adoption shower for my sister before she heads to pick up her beautiful little girl.  The shower is at my mom's house this weekend.  The preparation for it has been insane!  I'm not complaining, though, as I truly am an organizational nut and I really enjoy planning events!  Today I have to work in the MOPPETS room at church (the place where your kids go to play while moms are in MOPs), and afterward I am heading to do some grocery shopping - then the rest of the evening is devoted to preparing my desserts, packing my stuff and getting ready for Friday.

So, just in case you don't hear from me, it's entirely because I am in hyper overload and slowly working my way back toward sanity!

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