Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vacation Update

Hello hello!  I have just a couple of minutes of spare time (who am I kidding?  I have all the spare time in the world!) and figured it was time to hop on the hotel computer and give you a little update on our vacation!  We have kept an extremely busy schedule while we've been here, which has been good, as I've discovered our kids have a tendency to quickly bore of things!  We have taken hikes up mountains (and prayed that the rattlesnakes stayed away!), visited a ghost town, visited the Luke Air Force Base and received a tour compliments of two very awesome air force employees.  We have eaten out and eaten in, spent many hours in the pool and much time in the sun.  I'm hoping to come home with this beautiful burn I've got going on :)

Through all of this vacationing, though, I must admit that I miss home and am so very ready to head there tomorrow!  Thank you Woody and Marion for an amazing vacation!  It has been fabulous :)              

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