Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Not That I Didn't Believe ...

But maybe it's more because of the fact that I had to see it with my own eyes.  Or maybe just because, for once, I wanted a different result - to prove myself sane as opposed to insane (you know the definition: someone who does the same thing over and over again expecting different results).  Regardless of my reasoning, I did it: I took an at-home pregnancy test.  You know what?  I'm pregnant!  If you've checked my blog in the last week, you obviously already knew this, but I decided to share the lovely news anyway :)

Thank you so much to all of you who responded to my initial blog post with congratulations!  We are incredibly excited about the new addition to our family.  Life has been pretty crazy since we arrived home.  Ellis starts soccer tonight (well, official practices start tonight, though he's already been to an optional practice) and I am their team manager (honey, did I mention that I decided to accept this task?!  If not, I'm sorry that you're finding out on here!  I love you!!).  It shouldn't be too bad, though.  I'm basically just the point-of-contact for the families on our team.  I give out directions to games, figure out some fundraising details and cheer on the team like I already do!  It will be a lot of fun!

Iain starts baseball tryouts this coming weekend, also.  It's going to be a crazy season!  Last year I don't think we had one night where everybody was home for dinner together during the soccer/baseball season.  We will make it work, though!

Claire is competing in the Future Problem Solvers state competition this coming weekend, as well.  I don't know all that much about this program, other than the fact that she wants me to be there, so after my Pampered Chef show that morning, I'm going to drive up to Roseville to watch the competition!  Crazy crazy crazy!

Life is busy, but I am lovin' every minute of it!

So, how are you?

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