Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There's Fun in the Little Things

If there's anything I've learned from being a mom it is the fact that fun can be found in the simplest things.  I remember back when I was in the fourth grade, my parents had just built a new home; my older brother, Tory, and I discovered the large box that one of the appliances was delivered in and we played for hours in that box!  Though I must admit that the box lost its appeal when Tory put me in it and stood it up straight (the box was much taller than me) and walked away.  Having to knock the box over when I was in it and take the brunt of the fall was not fun at all!

One of the things that my boys have loved to play with is a huge styrofoam container that protected something our friend, Chris, had ordered.  When he had the container left over, he knew it was something the boys would enjoy, so he brought it over for them.  What they discovered in this is an instant hockey goal!  They've had a lot of fun hitting "pucks" with their "hockey sticks" (which is usually a golf club!) into the goal and using a laundry basket as their goalie.  The things these amazing boys come up with never cease to amaze me!

Our newest fun toy, though, came in the simplest form I can imagine ... and Colin had quite a blast playing with it, as you can see:

That's right, we cut out a face (and a kind of creepy one, at that!) from a paper bag and my super tough guy walked around the house for several days being the "bag robot".  What a hoot!  I will admit, though, that I couldn't resist but to get in the fun and play along:

Oh the crazy things that we moms do! :)

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