Friday, October 2, 2009

Five Question Friday

1. What is your favorite ABBA song?
No laughing at me, but I actually had to Google who the heck ABBA is! I'm not up-to-date on music, especially music from before I was born! However, I will admit that I absolutely LOVE "The Dancing Queen" .. especially from the scene in the movie "Mama Mia" - have you seen it?! It's awesome!

2. The thing you love most about fall is...
Sitting by the fire, wrapped in a blanket, a cup of hot apple cider or tea and a good book. I love the changing leaves and the cool, crisp weather. I love waking up and watching the sun rise over the lake. Fall is my favorite season, there's so much that I love about it!

3. What store you would love to spend to heart's desire (money is no object)?
Maurices, hands down. :)

4. What is your favorite snack food?
I'm not much of a snacker, though I do enjoy potato chips (in small quantities), Peanut M&Ms (in VERY small quantities, as I'm also not a sweet tooth, so they get to me after just a few!), apples and caramel or any sort of fresh berry.

5. What was your first car?
A 1991 Pontiac Grand Am, complete with rust and a backfiring capability! I was really proud of the car, though, as I completely paid for it myself and loved the car. The only irritating factor was that, when trying to accelerate, it oftentimes would backfire and NOT accelerate! Not good when trying to pass someone on the highway :)

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