Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nobody Can Take Me Away

While I was in the midst of a conversation with Claire on Monday evening, we were talking about what she had learned in church the day before. She was asking me why God tells us that we are not supposed to hang around with people who aren't Christians. I was explaining to her that, while we can be friends with those people and SHOULD show them the love of Christ, if we spend most of our time with them, it's quite likely that they will take us away from our Christianity as opposed to us bringing them to know Jesus. I told her that it's like having a bad piece of fruit in the midst of fresh fruit. That one bad piece can turn the other fruit rotten in a hurry, whereas the other pieces cannot take the rotten piece and make it whole again. She nodded to show her understanding and then said:

"Nobody can ever take me away from my Jesus!"

Bless your heart sweet girl - that is my prayer for you always. May you never be taken away from your Jesus!!