Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Stellan: a prayer chain

Alright everybody, that sweet little boy should NOT have to spend his first birthday in the hospital yet again. As many of you know, the MckFamily is near and dear to my heart and it is just heart wrenching to know that darling Stellan is back in the hospital once again. I think it's time that we start praying a different prayer for him - not just for his healing, but for a completely NEW heart. Jesus already took this sickness when He died on the cross, and it's time that we bridged the gap for Stellan and started praying for a new heart. That sweet little babe should not have to be spending his first birthday in the hospital clinging to life. Pray with me?

Father, You and You alone know the outcome of the situation that Stellan is in. I thank You and I trust You for his healing. The Bible says that where two or three are gathered, You are there, and I believe that even pertains to our blogging world. Please Lord, reach down with your healing power and breathe new life into Stellan. The SVT and all the side effects that have been plaguing that sweet boy MUST GO in Jesus name. Your word also says that Jesus took all of our sicknesses and infirmities when He died on the cross and I am claiming that for Stellan right now. Holy Spirit be near him in his hospital room. Be with Jennifer and the rest of the "MckFamily". Bring your peace that passes all understanding and let them know that You are with them. Father, bring Your healing power and give Stellan a new heart. Make his heart whole and healthy and allow this situation to bring glory and honor to You. Be with Stellan's doctors. Give them clear direction. Give them clear minds and let them see You through this darling little babe. I love You, Lord, and I praise You for your work in Stellan's life. Be with him and his family now. In Jesus name - AMEN!

Won't you post your own prayer? Instead of just SAYING that we're praying for Stellan, let's make it known that we are!

To check in on how he's doing, visit Jennifer's blog here.

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