Monday, October 12, 2009

I Didn't Know ...

This past weekend I learned about a few people who are followers of my blog, and I truly had no idea that they were!  One of them is someone I have never met in person, but her husband is one of our family's favorite people - entirely because he owns the restaurant in our small town here!  So here's a shout-out to Scotty B's wife - I'm very happy to know that you follow my blog!

Another person that I've recently learned follows my blog is my friend, Sarah.  While Sarah and I don't know each other all that well, our husbands are ride-share partners, business partners and friends - and they have been for years!  Sarah recently sent me an email that truly touched my heart and blessed me completely.  In this email, she complimented me on several areas of my life (and let's face it, everybody loves a good compliment every now and then!), two of which were my ability to articulate my emotions and feelings as well as my faith in God.  She truly gave me the biggest compliment she could in writing this, because my relationship with God is such a priority in my life, I appreciate knowing when people can see His love shining through me!  I love the way she phrased something in her email, and because she gave me permission to use it on my blog, I'm going to!  She said, "Myself, It’s like I hide my words, feelings and sometimes my faith in a shoebox in the bottom of the closet, behind the door, covered with bathrobes that fell off hangers – (if you get the picture)!"  I love how descriptive this statement is (and Sarah, I believe that articulates quite clearly and beautifully!) and I can truly say that I have been there myself.  There was a period of time between living in my parents' house and living in my Monte's house in which I truly struggled with my relationship with God and with knowing where I stood in my faith.  It wasn't until I fell back to what I knew was true - not until I realized that I needed God more than I needed my next breath - that I truly found my place in Him again.  James 4:8 says "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."  In other words, God is a gentleman and He is not going to force Himself into your life.  You have to invite Him to come close to you - you have to seek Him.  Where did I find Him?  In a good, Bible based church.  One where a relationship with God is sought after, one where the love of God is taught far more than the wrath of God.  One where you can see God as a true, loving Father.

If you find yourself in a place where your faith is in the shoebox, behind the door and under the fallen robes - maybe it's time to take it out and find a significant place for it in your life again.  Maybe God is knocking on the door of your heart and it's time that you open that door.  It's very well worth it, you have my word on that! :)

Getting back to what I didn't know - I didn't know that so many people that "know" me (or at least know of me or my family) follow my blog.  I do want you to know that I love that you do, I love that you've decided to share in our world and I love that you come back to visit!  Make yourself known - leave a comment and let me know that you've stopped by.  I'd love to welcome you to my blog and thank you personally for reading my blog :)