Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival created by MckMama. Head over to her blog and see the things that other people did not do this week!

This morning I most certainly did not drive my son to preschool while wearing my pajamas and donning soaking wet hair. I always allow myself adequate time to get ready and would never have to rush so much to get out the door that, after showering, I put my pajamas back on!

I also did not spend part of my morning snacking on graham crackers dipped in the leftover chocolate frosting that I made last night. I would never eat such an unhealthy snack, especially when I'm alone and have nobody to remind me of my limits!

I definitely did not fall down our stairs this morning for about the seventh time since I moved into our house. I also did not remind myself that I am the only one who falls down those stairs and that our children seem to have more coordination than I. Ugh!

I was by no means frustrated when my three-year-old came and knocked on our bedroom door at 3:00am entirely because his covers had fallen off of him. I am a wonderful and loving mother and would always cherish the opportunity to tuck him in again. After having tucked him back in, I did not then tuck the blankets quite tightly in the sides of the bed so that he couldn't drop them on the floor in all of his tossing and turning. Nope, not me!

While going through the Parade of Homes with my husband, I did not fall in love with a 1.4 million dollar mansion and just beg God for a way to make it happen. I am not so concerned about the material things in life that a HOUSE could make me that excited. NEVER!

... so, what things have you not done this week?! :)