Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless WordFULL Wednesday

Ode to my nieces!

Meet Breanna:

She's sassy and sweet and lots of fun!  A Christian girl with a heart of gold, determination to love and beauty that is all her own.  Through the years we have become far more like friends than like an aunt and niece.  She's an amazing girl and I love her so much!

Meet Lexie:

She's a fun loving, sweet little girl who always has room in her heart to love!  She's rambunctious and wild, yet soft spoken and cuddly .. it just depends on the time of day.  This little girl has captured my heart and I love her so much!

Meet Khloe:

Sweet little Khloe I can't wait to meet you!  She is the precious baby girl that my sister's family is adopting and I can't wait for her to come home and truly be an interacting part of our family!  I love you sweet girl!

Meet Abby:

Beautiful, lovable, sniffable (you can't tell me that you don't smell newborns every single time you hold them!), adorable and lovely.  I'm so happy you've come into our lives!  I love you!

These are four of the most amazing little girls I know and love!  I also have two step-nieces, Brianna and Elizabeth, though I do not have pictures of them right now, I certainly do love and admire them as I do these girls!  God definitely blessed me when he put these girls in my life!