Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival started by MckMama. Visit her blog to see what things others have not been doing this week!

My husband and I most certainly did not think that it would be a good idea to bring all four of our children with us when we went to look at a house yesterday. Whatever would make us think that doing such a thing is a good idea is definitely NOT beyond me!

While looking at said house, my children did not run around it like wild apes and I certainly did not have to punish them for this. My children are always perfectly behaved and would never think to misbehave in a home that is not their own!

This past week, my sweet Ellis was certainly NOT forced to wear a hospital mask for four straight days as he fought the flu. I also did NOT wear a mask every time that I went downstairs to be with him, give him medicine, check on him or even walk by the room that he is in. I am in no way so susceptible to catching illnesses that I willingly wear a hospital mask while taking care of my ill child. Also, in no way did my husband laugh at me when he saw me wearing such mask ... and I certainly did NOT hit him for laughing at me!

In no way do I find it odd that it is snowing outside far before any of the leaves have fallen from our trees - or before any of them have lost their green color! Likewise, in no way am I truly excited for the snow and there is no possible way that I have taken this UNgorgeous snowfall and used it for many photo opportunities already this morning. I would NEVER do that!

This past Friday while heading to my car after a wonderful evening at Mudd Lake with many other wonderful bloggers, I certainly did not have trouble finding my car and did not use the keys to make it light up and honk, only to discover that I was standing directly next to it! This was certainly NOT witnessed by my blogging friend, Jodie, and I certainly did NOT blame it on the fact that I was driving my husband's vehicle and not my own. I always know where I parked and have no problem finding our truck, even in the dark!

I also did NOT forget about writing my blog post about Mudd Lake and I certainly am NOT shamelessly adding my photos from then to my Not Me! Monday. I never ever take the easy way out and combine blog posts just to make life a little bit easier!

This is NOT a picture of me and my dear friend, Jennifer, also lovingly known as MckMama ...

... and this is certainly not a picture of me and my dear friend, Christy, who I have come to know through the blogging world and can certainly call her one of my friends ...

... and this is not a picture of my blogging friend, Jodie, and I.  We certainly did NOT meet at the MckBrunch and I was not at all thrilled to see her at the Mudd Lake event (though I secretly have to admit that I really was!) ...

Now, I am NOT going to go and sit by our fireplace while drinking a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy this beautiful scenery ... I would NEVER do something like that while I should be cleaning the house in preparation for our open house this Saturday, or while I should be taking the kids outside to play in the snow while they're home for MEA break this week.  Nope, NOT ME!  :)