Friday, November 20, 2009

Blogging From a Distance

Some days I feel incredibly frustrated with myself. This morning is one of those days. See, about a week ago, I had the pressing thought that maybe, just MAYBE, it would be a good time to run a backup on my computer, as I have not done so in almost a year. However, having many other things on my schedule for the day, I put the thought off. It came back to me several times that day, and I continued to push it off, telling myself that I would do it later.

Guess what? Later never came. Wednesday morning I pushed the power button on my laptop and sat there and watched as it crashed before my eyes. AAGHHHH!! Alright, maybe I can't say crashed, but I can say that the crazy thing won't start. It keeps running a "startup repair" program, that just can't repair the startup. I'm at a loss! Thankfully, I purchased this laptop a little over a year ago from my friend Chris, as he has a business account with Dell. Chris has informed me that the computer is covered by a three-year warranty and that they have a great support team who will even come to my house to make the repairs. All I have to do is call them and make it happen. So have I made this call yet? Nope. Instead, I have consumed my days with laundry and cleaning, entirely because I don't want to face the fact that perhaps, just PERHAPS, I may have lost a years worth of pictures, some blog documents as well as business documents for our rental properties.

So now, I am sitting in the basement in my children's corner of the world. Sitting at their desk, typing on their clickity clackity keyboard (the noise of which is driving me bonkers!) and just feeling ready to kick myself for not backing up my files.

I even had a great picture that I was going to post about, but I no longer can. I digress ...


This weekend is a fabulously special one for Monte and I. Why is that? Because it is our date weekend! That's right, we're not just having a date night, we've got an entire weekend to ourselves! We're bringing the kids to a couple of their aunt's houses and spending the weekend at home, just the two of us. I am so excited for this time with my husband - so excited, in fact, that I am skipping out on The Pioneer Woman's book signing at the Mall of America tomorrow.

Yep, I'm THAT excited. My husband must be the most awesome man in the world.

I digress ...


Many of you likely caught my risque blog post that I wrote this past week regarding the need for intimacy in your marriage. While I did receive a small amount of negative feedback on that post, the positive feedback I received was overwhelming! At the request of a few people close to me, this post has been removed from my blog. However, I am planning on doing a little editing and bringing it to more of a PG rating before I repost it. I do think that the message is a very important one, that intimacy within a marriage is not only important but very necessary, and because of that I am excited to repost it - just not this weekend!

Thank you to all who wrote with positive responses - they were very much appreciated (but unfortunately a little late, as most of them that I received were after I had pulled the post).


Finally, my email inbox is overflowing right now! With my computer in the state it is, it is going to be a little bit before I get to writing back to those who have written me. Please know, if you have contacted me, I am going to write back! I just need some time! :)

If you need to contact me, you can reach me at the email address listed in my right sidebar :)

Hoping everybody's weekend is phenomenal!

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