Sunday, November 8, 2009

Makeover and a Great Weekend

It seems, from the many comments I've received, that it appears my mom got new glasses.  Truly, though, she did not.  She is wearing the same glasses in both pictures, the first picture is just farther away and out of focus, so you can't really tell! :)
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When we left the house around 8:00am, we looked like this:

I know the picture is blurry, and I'm very sorry that it is, but you get what you get (and you don't have a fit)!

Upon our arrival at the event, we met up with Amy, our fabulous Image Consultant who was doing our makeover.  We were introduced on stage (yes, looking like that picture!) and shown in our every day clothes.  Following this short presentation, we were whisked away and taken to get a new outfit, to have our hair cut and colored and to have a makeup application.  Among all of that, we had wonderful company from Amy and from Beth (our hairstylist), we enjoyed coffee and conversation, had lunch and ... well ... got made over!  Upon our arrival at home, we looked like this:

What a drastic change!

Unfortunately, I forgot to pull out my camera during the reveal, so you can't see the outfit that I was wearing in the makeover (the outfit in the picture is one that I already own).  I decided not to purchase the outfit that I wore, as it wasn't necessarily my favorite.  I truly believe that Amy is great at her job and the outfit she found for me was really good, though we both agreed that the stores we were limited to for this specific makeover weren't the type that offer clothes that work best for me.  So I was really content coming home and putting my clothes back on.  But would you look at my mom?!  That leather jacket and adorable scarf (and I wish you could've seen her jeans - the outfit is perfect for her!) .. she looks great!  We are both so happy with the results of our makeover!  The day was so wonderful, Amy is completely amazing and I am thrilled to have had the chance to get to know her better through this - I really feel like I couldn't have asked for a better Saturday morning!  Thank you so much, Amy, for making this such a great experience for mom and me - I truly appreciate you!

While the makeover was a very big part of our weekend, it was not the only highlight!  My grandma and two of my aunts travelled from South Dakota to come spend the weekend at my home with us, on top of my sister and niece coming for the day on Saturday.  We had so much fun, and it was so wonderful to get to see my family!

This is my grandma (Etta), my aunt (Ann), my mom (Sharon) and my aunt (Lila).  I am truly blessed to have such a phenomenal group of women in my life!

This is my niece (Breanna), my sister (Tanya), my mom and my grandma ...

... and this is me with my grandma and my mom.

We told stories, we cooked, we cleaned, we drank coffee, we laughed, we slept, we shopped, we went out to eat, we talked, we hugged and, most of all, we had a great time!  Thanks to all of these wonderful ladies for making this weekend one of the greatest I've ever had!  God certainly has blessed me indeed! :)

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