Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Appointments ...

Today I am going to my OBGYN office for yet another appointment.  Today's appointment is going to consist of an ultrasound and a Doctor's Visit.  I am bringing Colin with me, hoping and praying that he will be satisfied playing with the few toys we bring and reading the few books we bring.  Today's appointment determines the next direction that we go.  Today's appointment moves me forward in the fertility process.  Somehow, though, today's appointment does not have me anxious, worried or nervous.  I feel as if I am moving forward confidently, knowing that this is just another step I'm taking toward the day I conceive and carry my baby, another step toward the day I get to be pregnant, another step toward the day that I meet our next child.

Today is a beautiful day and I have a lot to give thanks for!

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