Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess What?!

Do you know the significance of this photo?  Well, allow me to explain.  I am quite aware that it is not the most flattering photo of me.  I'm aware that Colin's room is a bit messy (but come on, when is it not?!).  I'm aware that we're reading bedtime stories and this is one of my most cherished moments of the day.  Guess what?  The true significance in this photo for me (at least at this time) is the fact that I pulled it off of my working wonderfully having lost nothing on it computer!  That's right.  About one hour on the phone to Dell support allowed me to walk through a few steps with the Technical Support guy and VOILA .. the computer is back to normal!

Thank You God!!

So, now that the computer is working again, I will soon enough be back to regularly blogging (which  means I will be regularly commenting again, too!) and catching up on my email.  However, today is not the day that I'm going to do that, entirely because of the insane mess that surrounds me.  More to come on that.

For now, the sound of the laundry is calling my name and I would be a fool to not respond to it!  Hoping all of you had as amazing of a weekend as I did (more to come on that, as well!) and that your week is filled with blessings!

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