Friday, November 13, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

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1. What is your favorite "eat" on Thanksgiving?
While I love to host Thanksgiving, and am excited to do so again this year, there really isn't any specific thing that screams YUMMO at me!  I guess, if I have to choose, I would go with the Green Bean Casserole, entirely because I have a crazy love for green beans!

2. What is the name your best girl friend and the best trait about her or how you met (or heck, both!!)?
Her name is Tanya.  She's pretty much amazing.  We met almost 26 years ago, back in the hospital when I was just a newborn babe.  Oh, did I mention that she's my sister?!  Tanya is truly wonderful.  She's 11 years older than I am, which I think is wonderful because it has allowed a very deep connection between us.  Whatever I seem to be going through as a new parent, she usually has great advice for me.  She's all around lots of fun!

3. What would you say is one of your "weirdest" quirks?
I don't know if you would call it a quirk, necessarily, but I love to organize things.  Whether it be organizing the junk drawer in my house or organizing a big get-together with friends and family .. I just love it!

4. What is your favorite genre of music? (Hip hop? Classical? Rock? etc.)
I almost always listen to Christian music.  I'm a big believer in the fact that the things you see and hear have an effect on you, even if you don't realize it.  Because of that, I like to fill my mind with positive music!

5. Are you a Night Owl...or an Early Bird?
Why is it assumed that you have to be one or the other?  I am neither of these - I am a thriving-in-the-middle-of-the-day kind of woman!

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