Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Win

I'm very sorry to have to say it, but you all win.  Apparently my most recent blog post appears to be too personal of a topic for many of my readers to be comfortable with.  That being said, it has been removed and you have my word that I will stick to topics that will make you all smile.  I've saved said post, along with all of your comments, and will keep it for myself, as that is what you wanted originally anyway.

I am going into temporary blog hibernation.  I may be back as soon as tomorrow, it may be a week, I really don't know.  I will be back when I have inspiration to write about something that will bring my readers warm fuzzy feelings.

In the meantime, if you are in an area that receives Fox 9 news out of the Twin Cities, tune in tomorrow (Wednesday November 18th) at 9pm to see a special on blogging featuring my family.  I'm uncertain as to exactly what time within the news broadcast it will be on, but I have been told that it would be early in the news.

Hoping you all have a good day ....

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