Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Good Report ...

As many of you know, I had my Hysterosalpingogram yesterday.  I think that I was a bit nervous, though I didn't feel that way - it just occurred to me in different areas, like the fact that I hardly slept the night before!  So, I dropped Colin off at our neighbor's house and drove the 45 minutes to the hospital.  I arrived at the check-in desk at 10:00 AM and was surprised to be greeted by my old friends Kim (a male Kim, mind you) and Mary Kay!  ** Remember them, Becca? **  It was such a wonderful surprise, as I had no idea that this was where they both worked.  I went with Mary Kay back to a cubical where she went over the registration paperwork with me and we very briefly caught up on each others lives (I haven't seen them in almost two years).  What a blessing to see her again, as Mary Kay is a woman who has always been very dear to my heart! :)

After my registration was complete, I was given a pager and asked to sit in the waiting room.  I had sat no more than one minute when the pager went off!  So, off they took me to Radiology.  I was directed into a room, told to change into one of those beautiful hospital gowns, given a robe to put over it and sticky socks to wear on my feet and told to crack the door when I was through dressing.  Okay, easy enough.  Once all that was said and done, I opened the door and sat back on the chair in my room.  Very shortly afterward, Rebecca (one of my nurses) came in and went through even more paperwork with me.  Once the paperwork was complete, I was told that I still had about another 40 minutes until my actual appointment started, so I was directed to sit back and relax.  Thankfully, it was quite easy to find HGTV on the TV in my room, so relaxing was easy as can be (did I mention I have a secret love for HGTV?  I think partially it's because we don't have cable at home, so being we don't get the station, it's always a rare treat to get to watch it!).  At 11:00 AM sharp, another nurse came and got me and brought me to the X-Ray room.  I was met by Dr. H. who explained the procedure to me and got me set up.  I got to watch the X-Ray itself on a TV monitor that was in the room, which was actually quite cool.  They lined up the X-Ray machine on my pelvis area and, upon inserting a certain type of dye into my uterus, you could slowly see the shape of my uterus appear on the TV monitor.  Despite the oddness of this type of appointment, I have to admit that it was really cool to get to see this!

Once the procedure (which only took about 10 or 15 minutes) was complete I was allowed to use the restroom and clean up and then was directed to a wheelchair that was waiting for me.  There I sat and talked with Dr. H. about my upcoming options (which I will discuss in a moment).  After our discussion, I was wheeled back to my room where they took my blood pressure and told me to just rest for awhile.  They even gave me cranberry juice and cookies - who was I to complain?!  Shortly after, they came and took my blood pressure again and gave me the thumbs up to change back into my clothes and head on home - and I did just that!

From this appointment, I came out knowing that my uterus appears to be completely normal.  There are no tears, no blocks and my fallopian tubes are open just as they should be (bet you wanted to know that information, huh?!).  So, from here, Dr. H. and I have decided the next step is to put me on Prometrium, which is a prescription that I will take for 10 days.  From what I understand, if I am ovulating I will not get a period from this prescription, and if I am not ovulating, I will get a period about four to seven days after I have completed taking the prescription.  So, I guess it comes down to about two weeks from now when we will know which direction to turn.  I am going to make another follow up appointment with Dr. H. for two weeks after I have finished taking my Prometrium and we will discuss where to go from there.

Until then, I can only sit back and enjoy life as it comes.  I can cherish the moments I have with the people in my life, I can look forward to the upcoming holiday season, I can smile like the best of them and love like no other - and that's just what I'm going to do!

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