Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Crabby ...

I have little to say about my appointment, and you will find that to your benefit because I am crabby about it. Why? Well thank you for asking! I'm crabby because I waited two weeks for my fertility exam, and really just went in and had the exact same stinkin appointment that I had two weeks ago. The only difference? Two weeks ago was with my regular OB, Dr. T. Dr. T talked a lot to me two weeks ago about my options and then drew some blood to do tests. Today I talked with Dr. H. Dr. H talked a lot with me about my options and then told me his nurse would call me to set up the fertility exam. WHAT?! Is that not the appointment that I scheduled TWO WEEKS AGO?! So basically, I just wasted an entire afternoon. I hired a babysitter, scheduled appointments around it (in other words, I could have been feeding my self-induced therapy of looking at houses this afternoon) and took a lot of my time driving there and back (and having what felt like the same appointment that I had two weeks ago). So, on that note, I am crabby. Dr. T will be receiving a respectful phone call from me to ask what on earth happened. As far as I'm concerned, I would prefer to continue to work with him, anyway.


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