Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home Oh-So-Sweet Home!

YES! We are FINALLY home! :) Not that I'm at all complaining about the wonderful vacation we got to take, but let's just say that the road trip home was hair pulling, poke-my-own-eye-out frustrating a little bit stressful. I think we were all just so sick of being in the car and our youngest child (dear, three-year-old Colin) was going positively crazy. So, we rolled in a little after 4pm yesterday and I was MORE than ready to be here! We unpacked - we rejoiced at the fact that we didn't have to mow our lawn (thanks to our good friend, Chris, who mowed it for us while we were away!) - we were excited at the fact that we got to have a REAL meal tonight instead of eating out (I will be SO happy if I don't have to eat out again for a YEAR ... with the exception of my date to Benihana with my good friend, Becca!) .. but I think the BEST part of coming home was that we received our Engagement Pictures from Moments In Time Photography (we were at fault for not having these, as we had our engagement pictures taken two weeks prior to our wedding, thus we requested our wedding pictures first and only recently did we request our engagement photos!) and our wedding video finally arrived!!

I was thrilled to be greeted by so many surprises and by the thought of "normal life". I am SO happy to be back home and to be surrounded by the things I love! I was also incredibly happy to enjoy my first cup of Teavana tea when I got home .. you don't realize how addicted to something you are until you can't have it for a week! I think tea is a good thing to be addicted to, though, so I'm not concerned! :)

I will end this post by wishing a Happy Father's Day to my very own Price Charming, Monte. He is an incredible father, a hard worker, a loyal and loving husband and my dreams completely come true! I hope today is amazing for you, my dear love!!


  1. Welcome Home Sweet Home!!!!!

    Sometimes, perhaps we need a little getaway, a little side trip, to see the little things (and the big things) with a whole new appreciation. For me, it's working outside the home all year that makes me appreciate my time home in the summer. Part of me looks forward to simply NOT having to leave the house unless *I* want to, ha ha!

    I'm glad you're home safe and sound.



    P.S. *Gasp* I think we have something NOT in common -- tea!! Can't drink it, at all. Iced, hot, herbal, sweet, doesn't matter. That's ok -- I'll just take a glass of water, "Hold the tea!" :o)

  2. Welcome Home! It's always wonderful coming home refreshed and ready to tackle on life. Glad you had a wonderful vacation. It sure is needed and it's so neat to see what else is out there that God has created. He sure did a lot!


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