Sunday, June 14, 2009

No More Car Time!

At very long last, our 'long drive to get there' part of our road trip is complete! We left Kearney, NE around 8:30 this morning, stopped for a couple of bathroom breaks and a half hour lunch break, and rolled into Breckenridge around 2:30pm. It had been a long day in the car, and since it was our second day of travelling, I know the kids were starting to get antsy! This came to life after we got here - they were running around and screaming like nobody's business! I was close to turning them loose on the city and telling them to come back when they were tired (side note: I'm not a terrible parent, I would never DO that!). But instead, we all went on a hike to wear out some energy, played a game of tag, ran around some more, went to dinner, walked a lot more and came back for bed. Now, I'm sitting here in bed with swollen feet! I don't know if it was from walking in shoes that weren't the best (when we set out for our hike we weren't intending on a hike, it just sort of happened!) and my feet were mighty hurting by the time I got back. Oh boy oh boy! That being said, I think my tired feet and I shall catch some rest. Look for some pictures tomorrow - we took some GREAT ones! :)


  1. Maybe the swollen feet are from the altitude too?

  2. Will have to check back for the great pics!!

    Blessigns to you all-


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