Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Requests Abound

I truly feel like I am in a season where I see the enemy trying to rock my world and trying to rock the world of people I love, and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of feeling like things are so crazy that I don't know which direction to go. That being said, I think it's time that we unite together and share our hearts - share our prayer requests - and truthfully spend quiet time before God, allowing the King of Kings to take control of our lives once again. I have a few prayer requests that are very dear to me and very heavy on my heart, and if you could devote some time to praying for each of them, I would be completely blessed and forever grateful.

The first is for my step-son, Iain. That darling boy has been through so much in the last year and a half, and he is at a place in his life where he is experiencing so much sorrow over missing his mama and wanting to see her again that he is desperate to be loved. It's a hard position for me to be in, to be the one who comforts him in these trying times. He has so many emotions that he experiences and that he identifies, but yet he doesn't know how to deal with them or how to correctly express them. To top it all off, he had his second bout of head lice that we found today, and we had to shave his beautiful locks down to a buzz cut (which, if you know him at all, you know that he was NOT happy about it). Thankfully, he handled the haircut well (did I mention that we paid him off? $10 to let us cut his hair instead of having to comb through it!), but somehow it feels like the icing on a cake of cruelty that was baked just for him. Please pray that God will protect his heart and protect him while he works through everything that is going on in his life.

Secondly, I would appreciate it if you would pray for my sister and her family. They are in the process of adopting a beautiful little girl, but the enemy is trying to throw loopholes in the process. I can't give out many details right now, due to the position they are currently in regarding their adoption process, but please pray for God's hand to be in the adoption process. Pray that other people who may have the chance to view the baby's profile will somehow overlook it, that she will be reserved for my sister's home, as we all know deeply that it is the one God has prepared for her. Please also pray for peace for my dear sister and her family, because it tears me up inside to see the way Tanya's (my sister's) heart longs for this little girl and is so anxious to bring her home. We all are praying for that day to come and are praying that God will expedite the process. Please pray with me!

My third request is for my friend Jennifer's little baby boy, Stellan. He was diagnosed with a heart condition while Jennifer was still carrying him. I'm praising God that Stellan has been able to live to see his six month birthday, but I'm also believing that God has a bigger miracle for little Stellan. Right now, he is fighting a battle with SVT and it's one that I truly believe God is going to carry him through to true victory. Please, oh please, pray for a true healing of Stellan's heart, for God's miraculous touch to be present in Stellan's life and for Jennifer and her family to be able to return to a normal life - one that does not involve SVT in their precious baby.

These are only a few of the many things that I know God has placed on my heart, but these are the few that I feel need to be voiced, need to be prayed for by believers near and far. The Bible says that "When two or three are gathered in My name, I am there in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20). I truly believe that this is a time for us to fall on our knees before our loving Savior and present these requests to Him. He is the healer of our hearts. He is the director of our paths. He is the healer of our bodies. He is the One.

Lord, please hear my prayers and please show Yourself and allow Yourself to be glorified in these situations. I love You and I lay my life down for You. I am nothing without You. Bless those in my prayer requests and bless those reading these words. We love You Lord - forever I will live my life to praise You.


  1. Kami~ Thank you for sharing these requests. All three are heart-breaking, but prayer can do powerful things. Everything works out for the good. You have an amazing heart!

  2. Thanks Kam!

    I'm crying now...but grateful tears for your love and heart for others. We will certainly be praying for Iain and Stellan. And we will pray for guidance and wisdom for you regarding these battles in Iain's heart. You might not be his Mama...but he is very blessed to have a step-mom like you!
    love ya!

  3. As I am about to go to bed- I am remembering you and your prayer requests. Sending love and prayers your way---

  4. I'd be happy tp pray with (for) you!

    Many blessings-

  5. Thanks for the reply (I had fun reading some similarities in our profile favorites!) :o)

    You and those mentioned will definitely be in my prayers.

    God bless you guys,


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