Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

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Kami's Not Me! Monday: Roadtrip Edition

While packing my children in the Suburban at 6:15 on Saturday morning, I did not snap at them that they needed to stop whining that they were tired and just get in the truck and be silent. I also did not get frustrated when, shortly after leaving, I realized that NONE of them fell back asleep!

While enjoying an Apple Fritter and a latte from Caribou Coffee, I did not respond by saying, "nothing that you can have!" when my three-year-old asked me what I was eating. I'm not selfish like that, I always share my food with my children and am very happy to do so!

I did not choose to drive almost all of the journey entirely because I didn't want to have to deal with the children. If I focused on the road, it would be Monte's job to focus on the chaos in the backseat ... but I would never take that route to get out of it!

When stopped at a rest stop for lunch, I did not put Colin's chocolate covered hand in my mouth and lick it clean because he was whining about the fact that it was dirty.

At the hotel we stayed at on Saturday night, I did not check in stating that there were just two people staying in the room (as my reservation indicated) and then proceed to walk past the front desk as the huge group of SIX that we are. I would always make sure to pay the additional fees for all of our children!

Upon driving into the mountains yesterday I did not allow my husband to scare our children by pointing out the funnel cloud that was within a couple of miles of us. I would never allow them to become so freaked out of the potential tornado that it would cause me to say in irritation "it hasn't even touched ground yet!"

Finally, I would never be so thrilled at the thought of peace and quiet that I gladly agree to my husband taking two of our boys out fishing while I stay back in the condo with our daughter our sleeping son. On top of that, I would never ignore everything around me just for a chance to get online and post a Not Me! Monday!!!


  1. I cracked up at the part about the chocolate covered hand... oh, the things we'll do as mothers.

    I drive on long trips because my husband wimps out by the time we're two thirds of the way to our goal for the day. My moto is the longer we drive that day, the less we have to drive the next, if at all!

  2. Hi Kami - I found you through MckMama's Blog Frog discussion board and wanted to stop by and say HI! You not me Monday post made me laugh - esp the Caribou Coffee part - been there too! I enjoyed reading about you and your family and look forward to 'meeting' you in real life at the MckPicnic! Have a great daY!

    Rebekah and her girls


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