Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rocky Mountain Ramblings

I have several things on my heart to write about, so I'm hoping to combine them all into this one fabulous posting! Colorado has been beautiful, wonderful, restful ... everything that I could have wanted it to be. Yesterday, Claire and I went horseback riding through the Rocky Mountains. It was SO wonderful! I will admit there were times when I was a bit nervous - times when the trail we were on was a little too narrow and the fall next to it a little too steep for my liking. Thankfully, God was and is in control and we made it through the ride without any problems beyond a good case of saddle seat for both of us when we were done!

Today was a wonderful and very full day of biking. Our entire clan (Monte, me and all four of our kiddos) left Breckenridge at 10:30 this morning on one very long bike ride. We rode to Frisco, had lunch at A&W, ran a few errands and returned our bikes and rode the shuttle back to Breckenridge. All in all, we rode 12+ miles in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The views were gorgeous, the air was cool and crisp and the sun was shining. As I was riding my mind couldn't get over the fact of how completely awesome our God truly is to create something as beautiful as the mountains - and yet He loves us far more than any of His other creations. It sends chills up my spine and puts a precious peace in my heart to know the awesomeness of our Heavenly Father.

I also couldn't help but to take a couple of pictures while we were starting out ... this one is my favorite:

One thing that has truly been on my heart since we arrived is something I believe God spoke straight to my heart on our way here. It was on Sunday and I was driving our last leg to Breckenridge (and no, I did not take this photo!) ...

... Monte was asleep in the passenger seat next to me (though I did take this photo!) ...

... and the only thing helping me to find my way was my navigation system

... this is when I realized just how completely dependent I am on my Garmin (the navigation system). [Sidenote] My navigation system has a female voice with an Australian accent - I have yet to name "her" .. any suggestions?! ANYWAY - I was realizing how completely dependent I am on listening for her voice tell me when my next turn is coming and to look for it. I was completely lost, somewhere in the middle of Nebraska, only knowing where my destination was but completely unaware of what the journey from where I was to getting to my destination would take me. I believe it was at that moment that God was speaking straight to my heart. There was a whisper across my heart as if I could audibly hear God saying that He wants me to be that dependent on Him - to listen that intently for His voice and to know that I can trust Him to get me to my final destination. Our God is faithful to get us from here to there, but somehow I think I end up hitting a lot of road construction simply because I don't wait for the detour signs. It was a huge wake up call that sometimes I do need to just wait for Him to tell me when my next turn is - that I can ride the same highway in life for a LONG time and that I need to trust God and know that He has my best interest in mind, He has my life in His hands and He sees the path I'm on and can get me to my destination far easier than if I try to get there alone. What an awesome God we serve!!

On another note, I'm experiencing a bit of a difficulty this evening with breathing. I have asthma and, if you know Colorado at all you know that there is much less oxygen here due to being at such a high altitude. That being said, I would greatly appreciate your prayers that my airways would be completely open, my coughing would stop completely (this is the main issue as I have "dry cough asthma", so when an attack comes on, I can't stop coughing). I just want to enjoy this vacation with my family and not have to feel this misery in my chest. Please pray that God will release that pressure and take away any and all asthma and breathing problems that want to hold on with everything they've got.

With that, I think I'm going to turn in for the night! More mountain goodness updates to come ... I promise :)


  1. Wow, Sister!!...Another post that I think you wrote for me. These are turning into some great devotions! :) Beautifully spoken, Kami. And I love the navigation/detour analogy...I completely agree and know that without God and the recent "detour" He led us on over the past week...that we would be lost and without clear direction on where to go next. He is faithful if we only seek Him and listen for HIS voice! When we do, He will lead the way and make our paths straight! Love it!!

    Have a blessed and refreshing last few days in Colorado. We're lifting you up in prayer about the breathing/ go and enjoy your vacation and those breath-taking mountains!! Say "hi" to the family for me! :)

    Miss you!

  2. Another beautiful post!!

    I think that one of the things I love most about your writing style is how deep and yet gentle it is. Your "voice" is gentle, yet strong, and the message always speaks to my heart.

    I love the photos, Colorado is gorgeous. I'm so glad you are all enjoying it. I know what it's like to have a hard time with altitude changes (for me it was only nosebleeds in the Alaska mountains, though), I will be praying for God to lift this burden so that you can breathe easier and enjoy the last part of your vacation without struggling to breathe.

    We named our GPS "Maggie", and I have a friend who helps me so much in my journey with God, that I often refer to her as my human GPS. It is my prayer that I will learn to depend completely on God to navigate my life... It is something I'm doing more and more, but I need to give him control of everything, both big and small. Thank you so much for the eloquent reminder.

  3. Amazing thoughts here... don;t you think God is just so pleased when we go through a thought process like this... and end up giving Him glory and praise????

    Great pictures!!

    God bless-

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!

  5. When I was at Breckenridge two years ago, the folks at the timeshare told all of us to take Ginko Biloba to help breathe better at such high altitudes.

    in New Mexico

  6. I live not too far from Frisco. It is beatiful, but yes, VERY high in altitude. I get a headache each time I go over the mountains over to the western slope (Grand Junction area).

    Hope you are feeling better. I think your header looks fantastic! :-) (Found you from the thread about headers on MckMamma's blog).


  7. Your GPS should be named "Sheila," which is a word the Aussie men use to refer to a girl. Fitting, no?

  8. BTW, how did you get that voice for your GPS? My husband has a Garmin, & it's a very irritating voice; I'd love to change it.

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