Monday, June 1, 2009

I Need a Spare!

I was determined to get my lawn mowed this afternoon, but alas, it is NOT going to happen. Here's my story. I moved the vehicles out of the way and drove the lawn mower out of the shed. I had a hard time getting it out and couldn't figure out why (but wasn't going to stop and get off the mower as it was already on the ramp) - so I floored it in reverse and it was out.

So - crazy long grass, HERE I COME! I get to the lawn, turn on the blades and start mowing. I near the first corner and turn the steering wheel. Holy moly the thing didn't move! I ended up in the bushes. Okay, maybe it's me - reverse out of there, take a wider turn and move on. Second corner comes (note that I'm mowing along our hedge at this point) and once again I ended up in the bushes. Now I'm just starting to get irritated, as I only have a certain amount of time to mow the lawn, and having the lawn mower cooperate is essential in completing this task. Instead of turning this corner, I reversed and took a wide turn into the middle of our lawn, and that's when I saw it:

The big fat flat tire that was staring me in the face.

So now I am back in the house and getting ready for this evening's activities, all the while my lawn mower is still in the middle of our lawn and my husband has yet to return my call so I can figure out where I might find a spare tire (if we have one at all)! Oh boy.

Today, I am not a fan of our lawn mower. In fact, I think that instead of a lawn mower, I need to get a cow. Then I won't have any grass at all! ;)


  1. Ha, ha!...get a cow, that sounds much cooler...then you'll have built in fertilizer, too!! :) MOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL!

  2. yes, I think a cow is a better idea, too. Free milk! Sorry about the mower though :( ~Ruth

  3. Personally, I'd recommend a goat- then it'll eat your garbage too. :)

  4. i have not been on here in forever! love the story and hope we can connect soon!!!!!

  5. Kami- your blog, like your family, is beautiful! I love it. As you can tell- I am a very amateur blogger and I have no idea what I am doing or how to do things! Anyways, thanks for being a great inspiration and for the lovely posts.
    Keeping you in my thoughts always!

  6. Hi there...I just wanted to stop by and thank you for becoming a follower of our blog. I love the cute pictures in your header. Adorable. Sorry about the lawn mower debaucle. =( Hope the cow works out better for you...might be more reliable! =)

    Kelly Gerken
    Sufficient Grace Ministries


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