Friday, June 5, 2009

School's Out For Summer!

You heard me right, today officially marks the start of summer vacation! I have a special date set up for my kiddos and I today and am truly looking forward to it!

As I look ahead to my summer, I am truly excited for this time with the kids. As many of you know, they officially became my step children this past December, which means that this is our first summer together! By no means am I under the impression that our summer will be all sunshine and rainbows; after all, we are five separate people with five very individual personalities. That being said, I am looking forward to it being more than just me and Colin - I'm so excited to have my other kiddos at home! :)

Yesterday I chaperoned Claire's end-of-the-school-year field trip to Valleyfair and what a day that was! I loved seeing how happy she was and how much fun she had on the trip, though - that was worth the hours of watching kids on the rides! :)

Now I'm looking forward to planning the MckBrunch with one of my friends, having more time to go "north" to my sister's house and visit, spending more time exploring everything that this community has to offer (I moved here in the middle of winter, you can't go exploring in this frozen Tundra for all that long before you freeze completely!), and just enjoying spending quality time with my amazing husband and my loveable kids.

God has blessed me far greater than I could have ever asked or imagined - and I am more and more grateful for it each and every day!


  1. Awhh...sounds like fun to me! I miss Mom and even that ol' step-Bob!! :) And I'm sure the boys are having a blast out on the lake...that's their kind of FUN!!

    Missing you, too!!! Get feeling better now. Bronchitis...really?!


  2. I just love how you beautifully convey your grateful spirit and thankful are a really gifted writer!!

    Many blessings-


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