Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pray for Stellan!!

Many of you know the story of my friend and neighbor, Jennifer McKinney, and her sweet baby boy, Stellan. Unfortunately, six-month-old Stellan is in the hospital again fighting the SVT that is trying to take over his heart. I'm writing to call all of you prayer warriors to lift this sweet baby boy and his family up in your prayers. Not only do we need to be praying that this bout of SVT be stopped, but we need to be praying for a completely NEW heart for Stellan - for 100% healing of his heart. I believe that this is the miracle that God wants us to be asking Him for. So I'm calling all of you prayer warriors (and even those who aren't!!) to lift Stellan and the McKinney's up in your prayers.

"The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." - James 5:16

I truly believe we need to be in FERVENT prayer for him. Take time today to lift him up. Imagine if this were your baby and it were your family going through this - you would want the prayers of everybody in the world being lifted up for him.

If you don't know their story and want to follow it you can visit Jennifer's blog at:

Thank you so much everybody!


  1. I love this call to prayer for a NEW heart for Stellan... what GLORY this will bring to the Lord!... an undeniable miracle from every possible medical standpoint, from the healing of a little boy who has gotten the WORLD's attention! HE IS ABLE! God created Stellan and knows exactly how to remold a new heart that fits him PERFECTLY...and without a transplant. Can you imagine the buzz in the medical community that bursts across the nations as news of such a miracle spreads, about the little boy that people world-wide have come to love and cherish!?! ...This could very well be HIS plan unfolding in just such a way! Prayers are already going up; now we just need to thank God for delivering that miracle and take authority over any more weapons the enemy will try and throw across their path!

    United in Prayer for Stellan!! <><

  2. I came across your blog through MckMama's blog! I love your story! It is truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Found you on MckMama and love your blog. We talk about Stellan at my home in Texas like we all know him. Many prayers going up for him and his family. Hope you are having a great vacation.


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